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Horse Stall Kits

 Black Steel Stall Kits

 Galvanized Steel Stall Kits

 Build your stalls easily using our all welded grill sections with a black finish.

 Special Sale Pricing on Galvanized Horse Stall Packages!

Horse stall grills and channels manufactured by CMI in kit form give you maximum flexability in customizing the stalls for your individual needs. Available in different metal finishes, these horse stalls are attached to support posts for strength. You can buy individual parts to build stalls fronts, side and back walls that work the way YOU need.

Horse Stalls - Modular Style (Prefabricated Stall Fronts and Wall Panels)


 Modular Steel Enamel Coated

 Modular Miniature Stalls

Modular horse stalls manufactured by CMI are prefabricated stall fronts, side and back walls which do NOT require the use of support posts. These stall sections lock together and can be moved easily when compared to the kit style of stalls. We are the manufacturer of these modular stalls and can build them to the exact size you need!

 Need help deciding between stall kits or modular horse stalls? Click Here to see the difference.

Horse Stall Equipment and Barn Accessories






 Horse Waterers

Our non-freezing horse watering buckets.

 Horse Feeders

Swing out and cast aluminum feeders.

 Saddle Racks

Western style, English style and fold down saddle racks.

 Bridle Racks

Curved style and hook style bridle racks for your tack room.

 Cross Ties

Galvanized steel plate with welded D-ring for safety.






 chew guards

 Dutch Doors

Many styles of Horse Barn Dutch Doors.

 Horse Stall Door Guards

Provide maximum ventilation for your horse stalls.

 Bucket Holders

Heavy duty horse watering bucket holders.

 Horse Stall Utility Doors

Add grain or water easily from outside the horse stall.

 Gravity Latch

Secure your horse stall door safely with our gravity latch.

 Chew Guards

Stops wood chewing and cribbing on your stalls.

Compact and Subcompact Utility Tractor & ATV Equipment and Implements





 Rotary Arena Harrows

Our multiple rotor harrows are great for sand, gravel and bare soil.


Tine harrows for horse arenas and use in pastures.

 Arena Rippers

This is a great tool for working up very hard surface horse arenas.

  ATV Equipment

We manufacture a full range of ATV trailers, carts, wagons and ATV equipment.




 Mini Manure Spreaders

25 bushel ground driven mini manure spreader.

Wagons & Trailers 

Compact and Subcompact Utility Tractor Trailers and Wagons. (CUT) & (SCUT)

 Zero Turn Attachments

Zero turn mower attachments. Snow plows and more.


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